Our Story
Shades of Texas has been a family owned and operated window film and treament company since 1989. We carry a full line of 3M window film products that include sun control, safety, security and decorative. We also provide a long line of window treatment products such as blinds, shades and shutters from some of the best names in the industry. Shades of Texas will provide quality service and quality products every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide every client with the highest level of customer service in the window tint industry. Our auto tinting advisers and commercial and residential window tint consultants provide a breadth of information about window film to allow the customer to choose the appropriate window glass tinting product for their specific needs.  Need something done?  Contact us!  We would love to assist you!

Other need to knows...
Our Austin window tinting installation teams have consistently proven to be the best in the window glass tinting industry. Shades of Texas takes a professional approach to your business, home or automobile window tint installation by paying close attention to detail. We also take extra precautions to protect your car or furnishings by covering the surrounding areas. Our installation teams are friendly and will assist you with any questions you may have during the installation.
Homeowners who make energy efficient improvements to their homes are eligible for a federal tax credit, thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008; and the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 has extended this through 2013. Consumers who purchase qualifying 3M Window Films in 2012 or 2013 can obtain a tax credit which reduces the total amount of your income tax — better than a deduction. Customers purchasing home window glass tint can now receive a 10% credit on qualified window tinting products, up to a lifetime total of $500.

We will accept applications and/ or resumes from individuals who meet the above criteria. We also look at the following:

  • Education- Individuals with a high school and especially college education are strongly considered
  • Experience- You can’t beat experience, no matter the industry
  • Integrity-Most importantly is ones’ desire to improve them self and others
What we do...
Window Tint 100%
Blinds 100%
Shades 100%
Shutters 100%



The State of Texas

“Wow, this company is one to look twice at. A family run, local business with great service, quality, affordability, and just overall great people. Not only does Rose, Larry and the rest of the family make you feel comfortable with the work being done and price you are paying, they make you feel like family as well. If you are in the market for the highest of quality window tint, residential or commercial, take a look at this company and support your local business owner. With all the choices in the area today, it only makes sense to take care of a company that takes care you, and has your best interest in mind for the long run.

This company offers all the top quality tint and a warranty service which will look out for you down the road. Again, I can’t say it again, when in the market, shop around, but I can pretty much guarantee, no one will beat Shades of Texas for the quality of work done and the price.

When my family moved to Texas we heard stories of the Texas Sun and how it can damage you personal belongings. After several weeks of appointments, bids and shopping around, we found Shades of Texas and pretty much tinted the entire house. The Quality, Cost, and overall customer service can not be beat. Thanks again Rose. I look forward to referring you and doing business in the future. Great People, quality work, great customer service. Better call now, they book fast."

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They recently tinted the windows of my new 2010 Camaro. They did an excellent job. This is the 3rd car they have tinted for me and I have always been completely satisfied with their work. They stand behind their work too.


Just went in for an inspection…but these guys were fantastic. They were quick and helpful during the inspection. They were understanding of my time and did not try to give unnecessary advice about my car. (up-sell me to things I didn’t need). They even helped me back my car out when I found their garage to be a little tricky to get out of! I was very impressed with their kind service.


3M is a Good Product Line. Excellent Service and Value! I have used Shades of Texas for window tinting on two homes I have owned in Austin area. They provide a good product line, quality work, and stand behind the finished result. I have recommended them to several friends who have all been very satisfied. Good product, quality home window tinting.


My family has been a client of Shades of Texas window tint austin since 1989. In all that time, they have never waivered from their dedication to their business or clients. Their products and installation are excellent and prices are good. But what makes them a standout in their field, is the exceptional customer service. In this day and age of indifference and laziness, Shades of Texas shines like the North Star.

The Texas summers can be brutal and the 3M product line they have to offer provides relief for those 100 degree days. Not only for your cars, but your home. There are 3 things you need for a Texas summer: air conditioning, water and window tinting from Shades of Texas. You will not be disappointed!!!

Our family is a customer for life and I have recommended them to neighbors, church members and friends. All of whom have been very satisfied. Thank you Shades of Texas, for not only being exceptional at what you do, but you are a role model on how other organizations should conduct their consumer affairs. Quality Work, Integrity, Fantastic Customer Service.