Motorized roller shades can make life a whole lot easier when it comes to indoor and outdoor coverage for windows or areas that need protective treatment from the elements, and if you are dealing with really hot weather in a place like Texas or other areas in the Southwest, motorized roller shades are excellent temperature control and energy-efficient options for homeowners. Motorized shades provide the perfect accent to your Austin home. Whether indoor or outdoor, our motorized shades solutions help to add convenience and beauty while protecting your home from harmful UV rays. Our roller shades solutions come in a variety of materials & styles. They fit most any window and will add a touch of flair to any room in your home. Our professional installers will come to your home and make sure your motorized shades are installed right to combat the Austin sun. If you are interested in additional window services, we also offer window blinds and custom shutters.

Exterior Screens

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Benefits of Motorized roller Shades

The benefits of motorized roller shades include convenient features that make both indoor and outdoor shades easy and pleasurable to use.

  • shades can be automatically lowered and raised
  • shades don’t require manual adjustment in hard to reach areas
  • shades can be adjusted with the touch or click of a button
  • shades can be adjusted from both home or a remote location
  • shades can be controlled through timers, sensors or smart devices
  • shades can be scheduled for opening or closing through smart devices

The main purposes in the use of motorized roller shades are temperature control, energy efficiency, safety/security, usability of space and protection of furnishings.

Indoor Motorized Roller Shades

Our indoor roller shades from Eclipse are the perfect accent to any room in your home. Enjoy the effective energy and light control of retractable solar shades while maintaining your beautiful view. Interior mounted Eclipse shades will not only reduce your cooling costs and manage ambient light, but will also stop the sun’s damaging effects on your furniture, carpets and valuables. Enjoy the beauty of your home for longer while keeping the Texas sun out.

Outdoor Motorized Shades

Our outdoor shades and zip screen solutions from Eclipse are exterior mounted and provide the benefits of indoor shades while also preventing much of the sun’s heat from touching the glass. Outdoor motorized roller shades can protect and secure existing exterior windows, provide for added insulation against the heat and cold as well as create shaded spaces for other outside activities. Just like interior motorized shades, exterior shades can be controlled remotely through a smart device. This added benefit helps to reduce energy costs by keeping your home cooler for longer. Our exterior screens fit most windows and are professionally mounted by Shades of Texas staff ensuring your investment is properly installed and ready to use.

Temperature Control/Energy Efficiency

Timing is critical in controlling temperatures in living or working spaces as the position of the sun in relation to a home and its windows is the key factor. In order to manage temperature changes, it is important to determine just when motorized shades should be opened and remain open, and the same process should apply for the amount of time that roller shades remain closed to manage temperature changes.

Energy efficiency will also depend on when the roller shades are opened and closed. Once again, the angle of the sun will determine when to raise or lower the shades for maximum energy efficiency. Timing or sensing devices incorporated with motorized roller shades can easily help in the opening an closing of shades at the right time of day or night.

If in a warmer environment like Texas, determination should be made as to when the roller shades should be left at certain levels or closed altogether to avoid heat build up in the rooms of a home.


Safety and security are always factors when leaving a home for a vacation or an extended period of time, which means that roller shades can provide necessary built-in security. A motorized shade can be programmed through a timer, sensor or smart device to be set at different levels during the day or night, so the shade levels give the appearance that someone is at home.

Usability of Space

The spaces in a home are precious and roller shades can actually make a home larger as all the spaces can be used in different capacities. A living room can be darkened for a home theater, and a bedroom that is shut off at night through a sensor or smart device can program the roller shade to allow enough light in the room for morning wake-up.

Protection of Furnishings

Motorized roller shades can protect wall paint, floors, carpeting, rugs, furniture, photographs, paintings and other decorative items from the light and heat of the sun. Simply lowering blinds at certain times of the day can protect belongings from the damaging effects of the sun.