While the summer months can be extra harsh, the discomfort and damage the sun’s rays bring upon homes, offices, and cars is a problem even during the winter. Window tint provided by Shades of Texas help combat the negative side effects of heat and UV rays while allowing natural light to shine through. Offering in a wide array of tinting options, Shades of Texas is Austin’s premier window tint provider.

Residential Window Tints

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Keeping your home comfortable, chic, and cost-effective is easy with our residential window tinting. Our custom window tint solutions reduce UV light. By reducing heat from windows, residents can experience comfortable indoor temperatures and energy savings. Our powerful window tints also save interior walls, furniture, and carpets from fading, bringing even more savings. With many styles to choose from and creative installation options, staying cool has never looked so chic.
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Commercial Window Tints

Many offices — especially those with a lot of windows — suffer from uneven heating and cooling throughout the year. Our custom commercial window tints promote energy savings through even cooling & heating and fights glares throughout the office space. Enjoy increased office privacy and safety with our custom safety and security window films. Check out all our tint options and features available for your commercial space.
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Austin Automobile Window Tints

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Car window tinting can enhance the comfort, appearance, and fuel economy of your vehicle. Professionally installed auto tint lowers heat build-up, reduces glare, and prevents car upholstery from fading and cracking. Our automotive window tints help keep drivers cool, safe, and free of trucker tans!
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No Matter What You’re Looking to Tint, We’ve Got You Covered

Shades of Texas is dedicated to keeping Texans safe, comfortable, and sleek through our high-quality window tinting solutions. Don’t wait to bring relief to the spaces where you spend most of your life! Contact us to learn more or request a quote at (512)335-8908 or fill out a form today.